Giacomo Puccini

Wiener Staatsoper: Tosca

Венская опера: Тоска

The appeal of Margarethe Wallmann's «Tosca» production has stood the test of time since 1958. The staging has also garnered interest on account of its symbolic allure with the impressive number of renowned artistic personalities who have appeared before the Viennese audience in this very production with these very decorations and in these very costumes in memorable performances. The gallery of outstanding performers will now be continued with Viennese role debut of international audience favourite: Anna Netrebko as Tosca. «Anna Netrebko as Tosca in Vienna: fan-tastic!» (Kurier)




2 hours 6 minutes




16 April / Sunday


Wiener Staatsoper: Tosca

Language: Italian, russian subtitles

Krasnoarmeyskaya St, 105
600 ₽

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